At HigherPlane we adopt a 'full-stack' service philosophy, which means we offer our clients an integrated solution to their IT problems.

We can help you identify and vocalize your needs, design and develop solutions based on those needs and provide service and support during the lifespan of an application.

Application development

We develop applications for small to medium sized businesses and awesome start-ups

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We specialize in Ruby on Rails and we have experience with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, NodeJS and JavaScript frameworks like Dojo, MeteorJS and SailsJS. We always use Git (flow) and adhere to agile methods for development.
We build modern, reactive applications, often with real-time components like dashboards and visualizations of dataflows from web connected sensor devices.
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Hosting services

The information tools you use to control your business are slowly but surely moving to the web. More and more applications are now either completely online or are on the verge of moving away from your old and trusty desktop into the elusive cloud.

We have extensive experience in hosting and running web applications on various platforms like Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean and Heroku.
We can advise on strategies when you are contemplating on moving to cloud based applications, helping you choose the best fit for your company and your specific situation.


Higherplane web development
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